Frequently Asked Questions

You've got some questions? Here are the answers. If you still have some open points to discuss, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am happy to answer your questions!
What is a portrait session?
A portrait session is dedicated to beauty portrait shootings, all setup in my portrait studio. A portrait week session is aimed to high quality imagery, flattering light setups, cool looks and comes with three fully edited pictures.

I believe a portrait needs to be printed as a photo, so each portrait week session comes with a fine art print of your choice.
How do I pay?
After the session day and time is agreed, I ask for a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. As spaces are limited, this deposit is not refundable! If you can't make it at the confirmed day and time, please message me and we can arrange an alternate time.
You pay the rest on delivery (either the digital downloads or the prints).
I accept payments via PayPal (supports all major payment methods) or cash.
What do I get?
All portrait packages do come with three fully edited digital pictures (one close portrait, one classic portrait and a half body shot, see also below) in high quality / full resolution and a ready made version of each for maximum quality for social media (Instagram, Facebook,…)

You can choose one of this three images to be printed on photo paper (see also Fine Art Print)

Some special packages include a stand up frame as-well, the perfect gift for a birthday, valentines day or christmas!
How many pictures do I get?
Portrait weeks are dedicated to high quality beauty portraits. Each photo will be perfectly lit, carefully edited and can be printed on professional photo paper. To get the best outcome, I concentrate on three / five images (depending on the session)
How to prepare for my portrait session?
To make our session as professional as possible but also have some fun, I put together some quick tipps to help you to prepare for our session. Please have a look here.
What make-up should I wear?
A beauty portrait session is something special, so if you're into make-up, you might want to shine on set! Prepare your make-up at home, but you will have some time to refresh your make-up here at the studio once you have arrived. If you're more the natural person or like subtle make-up: whatever you want and makes you feel comfortable! I recommend a make up that accompanies your clothing style on that shooting day (see also "Preparation")
Can I bring someone with me to the session?
Yes, for sure!
When do I get my pictures?
A professional beauty portrait session takes some time, and so the final edits do also. Please allow a week for editing the final images.
How do I get my (digital) pictures?
If not discussed otherwise, I will upload the images to my server and send you a link to download the pictures. Other options are sending via dropbox-Link or sending by WhatsApp (However, due to quality loss, this is not a preferable option).
What is a Fine Art Print?
A fine art print is a high end photo print on special photo paper. In contrast to a regular inkjet or laser print, a fine art print comes in exhibition / museum quality and will last over 70 years.
When do I get my Fine Art Print?
Typically one week after our session. I will send you a notification via email.
How do I get my Fine Art Print?
If not agreed otherwise, the Fine Art Prints are ready to collect at the Portrait Studio in Alcaidesa. Sending by post adds another 15€ of packaging, shipping handling and transfer cost.
Behind The Scenes on Social Media
It's very common today to share many aspects of your life on social media. You might want include our photo session as-well.
  • Always ask if you are allowed to shoot and/or post behind the scenes. Sometimes the project or a participant requires you NOT take or share any images from the shoot. Please ask first. Usually your phone should not be out unless to make sure we all have a distraction free session.
  • If you or your friend take any behind the scenes images, they must ALWAYS include a behind the scenes element like light stand, photographer, makeup artist brush, etc. NEVER shoot and/or post anything that is just a shot of the model.
What is a close portrait, what is a classic portrait?

Close Portrait

The close portrait is the most intense framing in photography. The viewer establishes a direct and very intense connection to the model.
The close portrait is pupluar for intense projects, like sensual imagery or artistic make up shots.
As the viewer comes really close, you have to pay attention to your skin, eye lashes, eye bows and make up. Your nails should be either clean or perfectly done, as your hands might be in the frame.
Stacks Image 250
Example for a close portrait

Classic Portrait

The very popular portrait / head shot is a flattering composition from head to shoulders. Posing and body tension plays a role here.
The portrait is used in various ways and can be anything from a fun shot to a business shot.
Pay attention to your skin, eye lashes and eye bows, make up and hair style. Clothing becomes important here and should match the theme of the session and your make up.
Stacks Image 262
Example for a classic portrait

Half Body Shot

Cropped right above the hips, the half body shot is one of the essential fashion and editioral compositions.
Fashion / clothing, editorial, extended contextual portraits.
The Half Body shot is perfect for displaying all of your features, so pay attention equally to your face skin, hair and body skin. Clothing is important and has to match the theme.
Stacks Image 274
Example for a half body shot

Where is my portrait studio located?

The portrait studio is located in the beautiful Alcaidesa Seaside Resort at the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain. It's close to La Linea de La Conception and Gibraltar and just a few minutes with the car from Sotogrande and Estepona.
Alcaidesa is directly located at the A7 (Exit 124) and from La Linea de la Conception and Gibraltar it's also easily to get here by bus (Line 3B from La Linea De la Conception / Gibraltar Border, in front of Burger King).
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